Question about new Bluetooth integration

I have not used Bluetooth on Home Assistant, but the new integration got me to think about it.
When I did the upgrade to 2022.8, a Bluetooth device was detected:

bt device

I am running HAOS on an Intel NUC i3.

Now what?

I have a few Bluetooth devices around the home, so my questions are:

  1. Is hci0 the Bluetooth device in the NUC?
  2. What do I need to do to get the few Bluetooth devices in my home to be discovered, or is the integration only going to find a select few devices?
  3. Besides my watch and phone, I also have a Bluetooth receiver that lets me send music from my phone to the stereo system. Is the scanning device correct? If I buy something like a BT light or outlet will it be discovered? Any suggestion for a BT light or switch that I could try?

Same questions here… Documentation talks only about install of the stick, but nothing on the next steps, when install is successful.

Same question too.
Just added this new integration that show me “hci0” but don’t know what to do next…

Well I believe you have to put your Bluetooth dongle and Bluetooth device in pairing mode and pair it.

Just like that ?
Ok, I’ll try back home but when I do a search (for exemple on my PS4) for bluetooth devices, I always find a lot of devices in my area (without any pairing mode)…

But I’ll try to pair a bluetooth speaker at home and see if it shows in the integration tab.

I believe it is. I don’t have bluetooth dongle but I was experiment with one. When I plug it in my comp it went to pairing mode and my tv wanted to pair with it.

Ok, thanks for your reply.
I use a NUC with ESXi installed and HA VM.
This NUC has an integrated bluetooth card so I don’t have a bluetooth dongle either.

I bought a cheap device on Amazon just to see if my BT integration was working.

It is.

I just pulled the battery tab and within a few seconds, there it was in devices.