Question about phoscon app xiaomi and ikea switch and dimmer and home assistant


I have some problem with Xiaomi sensor - tradifri dimmer and application. I use raspberry with raspbee card. I have add all the sensor with phoscon app and then using deconz in home assistant I use the sensor. Sensor like temperature - luminosity - open close door works fine.

In picture 1 you can see that I configured two switch, one xiaomi and one ikea.

In figure 2 if I try to set the switch for some lamp I have no avaiable swith.

In figure 3 I have another problem. If I want to use the switch in home assistant the xiaomi switch and ikea dimmer are showed like battery level and not like switch.

How can I do to solve this two problem?

Hi, nobody can help me please?
I try to do the log of deconz, is look like the switch is discovered but appear like a battery in home assistant:
2019-01-16 21:30:21 DEBUG (MainThread) [pydeconz.deconzdevice] Switch 2 created as
{’_async_callbacks’: [],
‘_battery’: 100,
‘_buttonevent’: 1002,
‘_deconz_id’: ‘/sensors/2’,
‘_ep’: 1,
‘_etag’: ‘660558bb3f92086899a102de0c3cfcff’,
‘_manufacturername’: ‘LUMI’,
‘_modelid’: ‘lumi.sensor_switch’,
‘_name’: ‘Switch 2’,
‘_on’: True,
‘_reachable’: True,
‘_sensor_class’: None,
‘_sensor_icon’: None,
‘_sensor_unit’: None,
‘_swversion’: None,
‘_type’: ‘ZHASwitch’,
‘_uniqueid’: ‘00:15:8d:00:02:52:df:b8-01-0006’}

help please…