Question about Reolink Integration

I’m considering getting the Reolink Duo 3 PoE unit and integrating it with HA. I see where Reolink has vehicle detection. Questions…

  1. Is that capability visible within HA?
  2. If the above is true, can it differentiate between incoming and outgoing autos?

I have 2 buried driveway sensors and one of them has gone bad. It would be nice to be able to recreate this functionality via the camera.

I see the vehicle detection binary sensors exported. They tell you if it’s detected or not based on the size of the object in the camera view. Not terribly smart.

Yes. :blush:

No. :pensive:

Thank you for the confirmation. Bummer it can’t do it. But then even with driveway lights nighttime operation probably wouldn’t be that reliable. Wonder if there are any outdoor capable microwave “presence detectors” that might do directional vehicle reporting.

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You might be able to hack something together with ESPHome and some sort of a radar sensor, but that’s way outside of my expertise.

I disagree slightly. Not with one camera but with two you can certainly know coming and going. This is my setup, I have three camera. One for incoming, one for outgoing, one for conversation to get access through my gate. I have this because my driveway is 1 mile long uphill and one lane. I need to know when people enter and people leave.

And some of those linked to vehicle automations because a simliar layout at the top of mountain. Essentially its a traffic light system … going down, up red light on and so forth.

And I never get false positives on vehicles. Animal yes but with Reolink you can adjust sensitivity … still spiders webs and such will trigger it. But I have never had anything Vehicle wrong.

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True, with multiple cameras and logic, it can be done.

No issues at night?

Not that I am aware of. I find vehicle and person detection quite good.
Animal detection leaves a bit to be desired.
Because of the remote location to the gate there are many spiders and such and we have to have a brush to remove cob webs almost daily, probably need to spray the area. The webs and spiders can set off animal detection. Hence a recording.

I could turn it off completely to not record animals but it is fun watching the next day and seeing racoon, fox, coyote and once last week even a mountain lion roam past and trigger the recording.