Question about the Amcrest camera

I succeeded in adding a generic IP camera. It shows in my Overview page just fine.
Step 2, add my Amcrest camera.

Question: My generic IP camera images update about once every 6 to 9 seconds. My Amcrest camera updates images about every 15-seconds. Is that normal or is there a setting I haven’t found? Also, what does it take to get real-time video?

Here’s my configuration.yaml snippet:

  #Generic IP camera
  - platform: mjpeg
  #Amcrest Camera, Model IP3M-943B
  - platform: amcrest

  - host:
    username: !secret alogin
    password: !secret apassword
    resolution: high
    stream_source: snapshot
    name: Studio


This is what I have, I believe it is the scan_interval setting. I can’t say I have actually payed with it to guarantee that it does what I think. Good luck.

  # Porch Camera
  - host: 192.168.XX.XX
    name: "Porch Camera"
    username: !secret amcrest_user
    password: !secret amcrest_pw
      - motion_detector
      - ptz_preset  
    resolution: low
    stream_source: snapshot
    scan_interval: 10

If you are talking the camera view before you click, it is snapshot image from camera, not video stream, and its refresh rate fixed to 10 sec in front end, and different platform may implement different logic in back end (for example, Nest Cam will refresh back end image every 6 sec if you have subscription, 30 sec if not), but won’t affect the front end refresh rate, your front end web app will only request image every 10 sec

Thanks, that seems to have worked.

If you haven’t already done so you should update to the latest HA release. There were recent fixes to the amcrest component. Also the new stream component makes viewing the larger, “live” image much better!

Regarding scan_interval, that is only supposed to affect the rate at which the amcrest sensors update, but it’s broken. As of now the sensors will always update every 10 seconds, but I hope to fix this.

I will, but only when I have a few days to fix what the update breaks.