Question about the rules for handling discussions in the architecture repository

I would like to understand how discussions work in the “architecture” repository. I am interested in how decisions are made, what the process looks like, and when the issue of changing the architecture is resolved.

The main post only talks about what this forum is for, nothing more. Meanwhile, I see that posts can hang unresolved or not closed since 2018, probably blocking many cool PRs and discouraging many people willing to make changes.

Are there any rules?

I take it you’re referring to:

This forum is mainly frequented by users of HA - though it’s in the nature of an open-source project that many will be developers of one sort or another as well. As @frenck says, you can float ideas and make feature requests here (but don’t expect them to be implemented any time soon :grin:). There’s a Feature Request category - if you put your post there other users will be able to vote to support it.

If you have a proposal which you are prepared to implement yourself, GitHub is the place.

In other words… Yeh. What he said. :grin:

Edit: If you just want to tell us we’ve been doing it wrong all along, go ahead, this is the place. We all enjoy those posts.

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I am asking about process.

Let’s say polygon zones Allow zone to be a polygon · home-assistant/architecture · Discussion #1014 · GitHub
There is a question about modifying zone structure by adding points and type, but so far I don’t see any answer, neither discussion about it. And PR of functionality is closed becasue it must be discussed.
There are other discussions dangling, without any specific answer.

So I am interested what must be done to push such discussion forward and create decision.

WTH? What do you enjoy? It is simple question, I want to push forward this feature, as it is really needed for me and lot of other people. I am asking because maybe I don’t understand or know something. And I have feeling it may be dangling for next years, while stuff like voice assistant that will be (and actuall already is) obsolete with access to better and faster LLMs, and is only consuming time and resources.

Do you want to build somekind of toxic relation with users?

Question is simple, reason is simple.