Question about Trigger-based template sensors

I’m using and like the new trigger-based template sensors. Have an issue though, what happens when there are multiple triggers events occurring (for the same template sensor)? In automations you can set the trigger Mode up as “Single”, “queued”, “Parallel”, or “reset”. What it is behaviour on the template sensor when multiple trigger events occur?
Tried to run tests but could not surmise a consistent result for this situation.
For example here is my template sensor:

# AI sensor
  - trigger:
      - platform: webhook
        webhook_id: sensor_ai_data
      - name: "AI occurrence"
        state: "{{ trigger.json.object | default('person') }}"
        unit_of_measurement: 'object'
           image: "{{ trigger.json.image | default('DonL.png') }}"
           object: "{{ trigger.json.object | default('person') }}"
           area: "{{ trigger.json.area | default('home') }}"
           pct: "{{ trigger.json.pct | default(100)}}"
           path: "{{ trigger.json.path | default('www/images/') }}"
           datewithtime: "{{ trigger.json.datewithtime | default(20210410070708) }}

So if I get many webhook “sensor_ai_data” triggers simultaneously or in really fast order; only last one gets used or ??

Yes, I think that’s the way it makes sense to work.

It’s just like any other sensor that gets a periodic update. It will only display the last one as the state.

But you should have the history of that sensor in your…well…history. Just like any other sensor.