Question about Verisure integration (which alarms work?)

I’m looking for an home alarm that works with I have seen the integration with Verisure, but when I talked to the Verisure technichal support, they responded that their system is closed, any no integration will be possible.

So my question is: Are there only specific versions of Verisure that are “semi-open”?
Are there any Swedish Verisure-customers here who can guide me?

Thanks in advance!

It all depends how Verisure works in Sweeden.
Idiotically, I took their services(Verisure) because it was listed here (in HASS) as an integration, but Oh surprise, in France the verisure app connects trough: '’(not compatible with verisure python) so no integration with HASS
While in the US goes trough '’( which is compatible with the verisure python code) so it is integrate to HASS

So no luck for me.

Thanks for your response, that just might have save me a handful of dollars (and a lot of despair).
I thought the integration was directly to the “Smart Box”, but now I realize that the API is to their web.

I’ve open a ticket on the library’s github about the French integration, if it can help.

Sorry to bump this thread… I’m from the UK and can’t get the Verisure integration to work. I have to login through this URL -

Wondering how would I be able to contribute towards creating an integration for the UK version? Similar to what @boneheadfraggle said the Verisure tech guys said there is no API or integration possible since their system is closed. Whilst it makes sense I do think an integration would be possible.

I use their My Verisure app - I was thinking of checking network activity when I’m logging in to see the endpoints that are being called and whether it’s possible to create this integration for HA.

If someone could point me in the right direction of contributing on Github I’d be grateful. I’m quite keen to get this working with HA as it’ll complete it for it!

Thanks all and hope you are staying safe.

Hi all. If anyone with the UK version of Verisure and with some PHP skills wants to integrate it with HA, I’ve reversed engineered their system and created an API that can integrate with HA. It requires a PHP application running all the time though and, as I said, PHP skills to deploy the application. Probably it’s not the best way to integrate it with HA, but I’ve tried and it works perfectly. Contact me if you are interested in contributing or trying it (I’m keeping the repo private at the moment).

Hi, did you get anywhere with this ?

Does the default HA Verisure integration work with the UK Verisure Alarms ?

the default HA Verisure integration does not work with the UK verisure alarm

Have you managed to get the Verisure UK alarm system working with HA ?
Is there another integration available ?

I’m not aware of any integration that will give you compatibility easily.
If you are familiar with web development I can share with you the system that I use to make it work, but it requires a third application running on a server that will keep in sync your Verisure alarm with Home Assistant. It’s not complicated, but you need to maintain a small server where you can run this application… Also, I’m not sure this is the best way of doing it, but it works just fine.

Just to give you an idea, you can then have something like this in HA:

Then you can have commands to turn on and off the house alarm and annex alarm:

# Rest commands to execute actions
    url: !secret verisure_url_deactivate_house
    url: !secret verisure_url_activate_day
    url: !secret verisure_url_activate_night
    url: !secret verisure_url_activate_full
    url: !secret verisure_url_deactivate_garage
    url: !secret verisure_url_activate_garage
    url: !secret verisure_url

And call them in automations:

- id: '1589139606138'
  alias: Lights OFF, Alarm ON
  description: ''
  - platform: webhook
    webhook_id: lightsoffalarmon
  condition: []
  - entity_id: all
    service: light.turn_off
  - service: rest_command.activate_night

If you can share what you have then yes this would be useful.

To be clear I don’t necessarily want to control my Verisure Alarm from HA I just want to get the alarm status which I can use in automations.

I can probably do this using an API call to Verisure but need to figure how to do this from HA (haven’t looked into it yet).

Verisure does not provide a public API. If you want to do it anyway, you can simulate a browser and parse the HTML to get the info you need. You will need multiple calls to get the CSRF token, login, then use the session cookie to get the homepage and parse the HTML to get the status of the alarm.
This is exactly what the Laravel application I’ve created does, and it will keep checking the status of the alarm every 15 minutes (it’s not perfect, but it’s good enough for me).

I’ve got the code in a private repository, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to publish it yet (not even sure it’s acceptable for Verisure). If you want you can send me a public key and I can grant you read permissions on that repository and give you instructions on how to set it up, otherwise I’ll send you the code via email.

If anyone else is interested, he can just contact me and we will sort this out.

Sorry, yes that is what I meant. Sounds like you’ve done some of the reverse engineering of the mobileApp that I would have to do so if you could message me directly with access to your repo I’ll take a look.
I’d only want to do something simple like

  • logon (authenticate)
  • get alarm status
  • logoff
    And that’s it. And keep this in a HA sensor somewhere I can use in automations.

I think you will find that even something simple as what you want to do will require a lot of effort to work. Just to give you a general overview of what happens when you want to get the alarm status:

  • make a call to the login page, parse the HTML to retrieve the CSRF token;
  • use that token to actually login and get the session cookie;
  • use the session cookie to ask for the alarm status: Verisure will return a job id;
  • keep calling the job_status endpoint every few seconds passing the job id until the result is ready, or there was some sort of server error;
  • parse the response and map the response message to something meaningful for HA;
  • to log out you can just delete the session cookie.

ps: I’ve sent you a direct message. I’ll add you as a collaborator on the repository, so you can have a look at the endpoints and how I implemented it. If you need further help, I’ll try to do my best

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Hi - fellow UK person and total HA n00b here, I’m wondering which is the best smart alarm to use. Would you recommend Verisure, generally? And how is the home-brew UK integration you are building / have built going?

Hi, the integration is great, but I’ll admit it’s overcomplicated.

If you want a personal opinion on Verisure in general:


  • excellent coverage of the sensors (I have a camera and a door sensor inside a metal in the garden, and they have good signal);

  • excellent tech support;

  • excellent response time from the operators on alarm triggers;


  • terrible camera resolution (the cameras take pictures on demand or when triggered by the motion sensor, not videos, and the resolution is probably something like 240p)

  • no API for easy integration;

  • awful mobile app;

  • no schedules to activate/deactivate the alarm automatically;

  • price is too high (I pay 40£ a month + 300£ plus of setup);

  • very old backend on their server side (which made reverse engineering the web app easy, but returns random errors in foreign languages and loads of unnecessary data at every request making everything slower);

If you are a developer and are willing to deploy and maintain a server running, then you can use the PHP app I’ve created to solve some of the problems and get more features. You’ll get a better interface, magic logins to share the access to partial zones of the alarm for a set amount of hours/days, scheduled alarms and http webhooks to activate/deactivate the alarm (immediately or with a delay).

Then you can use the webhooks to interact with HA, so you can control the alarm and get the notifications when the alarm changes status.

Personally I think it will require some changes as I’ve tailored the PHP application on my personal Verisure account, so you’ll have something to start but I can’t guarantee it will work out of the box…

I think I’ll move to something else when my contract expires. I’ve heard about Era Homesecurity, but I’ve not investigated yet the compatibility with HA.

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Thank you for a comprehensive answer! Other posts re alarms in the UK mention Visonic alarms, I will look into Era security as well.

Hello @gab9119 and apologies for bumping this old thread. I’m looking to integrate my UK Verisure devices into HA and was wondering if your application still worked and if you could share it. I’m not a PHP expert but can find my way around it and could have the application running on a different server.
I did notice though that Verisure seems to have introduced mandatory 2FA on login for all users, but with the ability for the App to “remember” a user for a period of time and not request 2FA. So I also wondered if your setup was able to handle this or if further development would be required.
Thank you.

Hi @adeo,

unfortunately 2FA is not the only update they made, but they refactored completely the backend to use GraphQL, making my app useless, and I don’t have any more time to invest into this (I’m not even using HomeAssistant anymore).

I contacted Verisure many times to ask them to remove 2FA, which doesn’t make any sense, but they said they cannot disable it: if I need to have my phone with me to access the web app, then why should I not just use the mobile app instead? So what is the point of the web app then??

Just a hint if anyone wanted to try and take over, the 2FA could possibly achieved using Twilio and a virtual phone number, so the app could read the 2fa code and send it back to Verisure. The integration then using GraphQL should be pretty straightforward.

Sorry I can’t be of more help!