Question about zwcfg_*****.xml files


I have a question about z-wave and all the files it created in home-directory.

I have 7 zwcfg_*******.xml files where the “configuration.yaml” file is located. Some files havent been altered since 2018. One is altered yesterday.
So my question is: How many of theese files should I have?

Can I delete all but one?


Anyone that may be of assistans?

There should only be one - Each file is named after your Network ID. So keep the one thats been most recently updated and the rest can be deleted.

(the file is actually a cache file, not config, so loosing it just means next restart will be a bit slower - That is unless you have made the “hacks” to zwcfg* that are floating around)

Thanks. Will remove them and try a restart with only the recent.

It worked!!!