Question: Different brands communicating

Sorry i am sorta new to this, might be a silly question but,
If you have multiple different brands of smart home hardware.
Say a Yeelight Bulb and a Phillips Hue dimmer switch, is it possible through HA to have the switch control the bulbs of another brand?

That’s basically the whole point of Home Assistant yes.
I have ZWave, Zigbee and 433MHz stuff all quite happily communicating through Home Assistant. Additionally I have cheap £20 IP cameras too, that report motion to Home Assistant. If I wanted to, I could for example make a light turn on (regardless what technology it uses) and make the doorbell sound when the camera detects movement.


mobile.andrew.jones has your answer.

I’ll just add, if you have devices from multiple vendors, using multiple protocols, then HA probably has a way to integrate them all.

On the other hand, if you want to buy all new smart devices, there is value to limiting the number of different manufactures and/or protocols you use.

Devices which communicate over WiFi almost all require a vendor-specific integration, typically using an API from the vendor’s cloud servers. Most HA users prefer to handle things locally. Vendor cloud solutions are slower, less reliable, less secure and prone to disruptive changes or even abandonment by the vendor.

Devices which communicate over Zigbee or Z-Wave typically all work more-or-less fine with one Zigbee or Z-Wave integration in HA. They communicate directly to HA over a local mesh network.

So, choose your preferred vendor for WiFi devices, and/or consider making Zigbee or Z-Wave your preferred protocol. Sometimes you have no choice, but minimizing the number of integrations you need to maintain has value. Things change fast in the home automation world!


Thanks for the great answers guys, it’s about what I thought, just clarifying :hugs:


irrelevant question: I have a Nexa 433mhz dimmer that im very satisfied with and have no intention to replace it. the Nexa dimmer has the possibility to be connected to a switch but i cant run any cables from the dimmer to the physical switch so i thought what if i connect a zigbee or just any smart dimmer that can be controlled by HA. is it possible that a Zigbee switch can control the Nexa switch? i do not have nexa bridge or hub and this is the only nexa product i have and i use it only for the reason that i cant run cables.
answers are very appreciated :grinning: