Question for grafana

I recently added influxdb & grafana in order to keep track for a yearly basis some of my sensors.
I have made 2 dashboards when at was at home (locally connected to HA)
When I tried to see the graphs when out of home through ddns or even my mobile the dashboards weren’t available. Moreover before a while I updated HA to 0.117.3 and the dashboards were gone.
I had to make them over.
What am I missing?

edit: ok the dashboards aren’t gone. I found them under dashboards-manage option.
Now I see where I can find them (in the phone too)

Learn from my mistakes, every time you make new dashboards or edit them: Export the JSON to have a backup available. That way if you (meaning I did) screw up your container install you don’t permanently loose your dashboards and have to start from scratch.

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How can I take the back up. Should I locate the general folder? (I haven’ manage it yet)

It utilizes the download function of your browser; so if you have it set to ‘save as’ then you select the download location otherwise it will save to your downloads directory.

I will take some screenshots, when I get a chance, if you can’t find it.

Please post 1 screenshot whenever you find some time. I don’t know where to look for the “save us” option

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Something in my setup is wrong I think. I added 4 charts in Lovelace yesterday evening and today they are not working. 401: Unauthorized error.
What am I doing wrong?

There are a couple of ways to fix this. It is basically a timeout on the login for grafana. So you can change the duration of the login time or you can send an login (API key) with every request.

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How would I add a delay with the web card? Also, I don’t see a way to add a bearer token with the web card either.

I’m running HassOS in a VM with AddOns. Switching to all containers is not in the cards, as much as I like containers.

Read the link; near the end of the post it talks about user logins and extending the time.

I was able to get a generic camera to work once I enabled Grafana to be accessed outside HA. Odd that embedding as a web element will not work even if I have GF_AUTH_ANONYMOUS_ENABLED set to true. In theory, that is supposed to allow access, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Anyway, I have something working. Thank you!

if someone knows please help.
I am monitoring the daily energy data and now I need to make a daily graph. I need a simple column chart per day, but the closest I get is at the following. What do I have to do to get the total of each day?

Now I have this

and I need something like this

Change the chart type. You are looking for a bar-chart.

Thanks for the comment. I have tried that but if I change it to bar the chart stay empty.
This is my daily energy consumption by hour and obviously the data are more than 1 point each day. I need the sum for each day but although I look in grafana site and and tried to make some calculations in the chart I never manage it.