Question: homekit + local tuya scenes

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working with HA lately. I have a bunch of Tuya bulbs that I’ve gotten working (mostly) with local tuya. Still some reliability issues, but thats another topic.

While I was browsing the local tuya code to see if I can debug the issue, I noted support for scenes on the bulb itself. I set that up for one of the bulbs, and it works fine. Choosing “rainbow” makes the bulb cycle through colors. Nice…

We also have a couple of homepods in our very Apple-centric household. So far, everything has worked just fine… “hey siri” does most of what I want it to do (turn on / off, change color, and even will change the RGBW bulbs to white mode, which I have not been able to get working with the cloud tuya integration).

Now my question - on the homekit integration, what (if anything), can I do either on the home app or with siri to activate the scene? I can activate it just fine through the HA interface.


I don’t use Tuya, but I believe the native Tuya scenes are passed through to HA as a HA scene?

If that is the case, include your scene in your HomeKit integration:

  - filter:
        - scene.your_tuya_scene

HomeKit interprets HA scenes and scripts as switches, so you should see your scene show up in HomeKit as a switch (assuming you have added your HA HomeKit Bridge to HomeKit).

I typically create HomeKit scenes in the Home app and add my HA scene/script “switches” to the HomeKit scene. That way I can say “Hey Siri, Good Morning” or whatever the scene is and it will execute the HA script.

Thanks, _Mike - I will give that a try.

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