Question: Most natural sounding text-to-speech platform (EN and NL) ? And what about english words in other language phrases?

Maybe my expectations are too high, but I’m not particularly impressed by the quality of google TTS, which I have currently set up in my HA environment. I read somewhere that google TTS can be used to read out a book, I am not sure if I would be able to listen very long to the voice though… So I am considering to use an alternative one, however before going through that, I wanted to get some impressions from other users on what they consider to be the most natural sounding.

Particularly interested in people who have used different platforms to test the Dutch and/or English alternatives.

This might turn out to become a rather subjective discussion, but who knows, there might be an agreement somehow :slight_smile:

My 2nd question is a bit more specific though… As I have most of my TTS messages in Dutch (would prefer Flemish given that I’m Belgian, but let’s not have that discussion now :wink:), I sometimes need to have English words included, which - as you can guess - sound really ridiculous.

Is there any platform that allows to include maybe a tag or something like that which would allow to include one word of another language in a phrase? Pretty sure the pronunciation of some English words has been foreseen in certain platforms, but that would be mostly for internationally known brand names or very specific words I guess. But for instance the name of my company (only active locally here in SF south bay area) is pronounced as it should be in English but not in Dutch.

I expect it to be something like:
platform: notify.tts.google_say entity_id: media_player.google_home __data "Jurgen vertrekt momenteel van #en#name of my company#en# naar huis."

But just an example of course. How it’s done doesn’t really matter.
If possible at all with any of the services (or maybe another external platform that allows web calls).

i must say that google TTS is about the best one i have heard in dutch.
i gets better if sentences are longer and more often spoken, allthough some words are pronounced a bit odd.

for instance she keeps saying Thermostaat in stead of Thermostáát. in all places the word is put.

i think it should be possible to use a multilanguage like you suggest, but for that the code has to be changed. a featurerequest for that could be helpfull.

Experimented with Amazon Polly this morning. Very impressed by one of the male voices for Dutch.

Have you tried VoiceRSS? It seems very flexible and has a lot of languages.

could be that polly is nice, but i dont want to pay for every word i let homeassistant speak.
i wouldnt feel free to use TTS that way.

seems it worth to check out.

I chose the free plan for Amazon Polly. But you make me doubt now…I better check :blush:

i looked it up again and you get 5 million characters per month free for the first year with free tier

still a reason for me not to use it because when i have everything programmed and get used to a certain way its hard to start all over again after 1 year.