Question on Delay in automation action

I have an automation that switches on a Tradfri socket which has a standing lamp plugged in. An occupancy sensor in the morning triggers this. In my action I have the following:

The curious thing I see is that even though I have a Delay of what I presume is 30min before switching off the lamp, to me it feels it happens a lot faster than 30min (I also have another automation that triggers the late evening news which takes less than 30min). There are no other automations that turn the socket off or toggle the socket.

Am I using the Delay function correctly? 00:30:00 means 30 minutes, correct?

Yes, you have a 30min delay but if the automation is triggered again while waiting in the delay the delay will be cancelled and execution will continue.

This is why it is better to have two automations, one to turn the light on and one to turn it off after it has been on for 30 minutes. See the first example here (and adjust the time accordingly):

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