Question on overheads when running Home Assistant Supervised on Linux


Currently I am running HASSOS on bare metal Raspberry Pi 4 and I am really happy apart from one thing. I think I am going to have to change to Home Assistant Supervised on a headless Linux OS due to needing to save / read to a NAS via Samba or NFS.

I guess this adds quite some overhead, would anyone know how considerable this is or is it not worth mentioning?

Thank you in advance.

I’m assuming you’re thinking of moving from hassos to supervised so you can access your NAS. I’ve not tried it, but others have had success in hassos - see Mount remote smb share on hassio - #101 by rover1955. This would be an easy option to try before changing the os.

Erm…why not use a slightly more powerful NAS and run HA on there?
Synology and Qnap can host ha as far as i know…

That won’t work any longer as the ssh & web terminal addon no longer supports the hassio.addon_stdin service.

It can still be done, just not that way.

EDIT use the ssh & web terminal setting init_commands: [] to run the mount command when the ssh addon starts. Note that this is a little different to home assistant starting, which the linked post does. However it should work just as well.

Thanks! I keep coming back to this idea of mounting a NAS share in HA. But it always seems a bit intimidating. Is there a clear write-up somewhere with all the steps, start to finish, which will work generically?

That will only mount the share inside the SSH addon.
No clue what the OP is trying to achieve, though.

Sorry I should have been clearer. So I am hoping to change the HASSOS media drive to exist on an external NAS to allow the Frigate CCTV addon to save to that.

I may have found a solution: udev rule for Home Assistant OS (hassio) to mount USB drives into the Supervisor Media directory · GitHub

I will give it a go and report back.

Yeah, the higher end Synology and QNAP NAS’s would do the trick but they are very expensive for me and I already have a NAS and Pi 4 here so I’d be nice to use them.