Question: Overwrite MACCapabilityFlags


I have a question, is it possible to over write the MACCapabilityFlags with a device spezific quirk?
If yes, is there some example availabe?

Greetings & Thanks

Best is if you post/ask such question as a new issue(s) to the zha-device-handlers repository on GitHub:

ZHA Device Handlers repository is otherwise primarly used for quirks bugs and feature requests, see:

PS: Also be aware ZHA developers are working on a new ZHA-Quirks V2 architectural:

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Thank you very much.

I delved into the Custom Quirks of ZHA and wrote my own custom quirk.

This line of code in my Quirk solves the problem.

self.node_desc.mac_capability_flags &= ~0b00000100  # Clear the mains powered bit