Question/problem with Elgate Eve Energy (Homekit)

I do own 2 Elgato Eve Energy smart wall plugs. They are not seen bij hassio sonwhat I did is created a input_boolean and imported it into homekit on my iPhone.
Then I created per plug 4 automations:
Boolean on >> wall plug on
Boolean off >> wall plug off
Wall plug on >> boolean on
Wall plug off >> boolean off
When I trigger the plug on my iPhone hassio detects the state perfectly from my boolean but now it comes: When I trigger the boolean from hassio it triggers the wall plug in homekit but if I set the boolean off again the plug keeps on.
I have to set the boolean first on and another time to off. Then it works. Anyone an idea?

any news?
Is possible to pair Elgato Eve Energy EU (smart plug) with Home Assistant?