Question regarding Rpi 7 inch touchscreeen

Does anyone know about Crystals?

The crystal has fallen off my 7 Inch HDMI touchscreen and I am looking for a replacement.

On the crystal is written 8.000, can I just find a matching surface mount crystal with the same value?


Yes, as long it’s 8MHz, as old one.


Does it have a polarity?

Nope…doesn’t matter how you solder it.


Awesome, thanks guys!

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Can I use a 12 instead of an 8?

Well, it could work, but it could not… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If there are any time dependant operations in the program then probably won’t work…
but then again, it may work flawlessly, it may kinda-work (sometimes yes, sometimes no, sometimes partly…)

You can try, worst it can happen is that LCD will still be blank (or touch won’t work). You can’t destroy anything (except pcb pads if you’ll solder too long…)

Thanks, im just having so much trouble sourcing one locally.

I’m going through all my electronic gear trying to see what I can find haha.

I honestly read that and thought we had been taken over by new age spammers LOL.

haha, fair enough.

I can kinda see that now LOL

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