Questions about HACS (Home Assistant Community Store)

I have installed HACS and it is up and happily running along. I even figured out how to add both the supported repo’s and the non-supported repo’s to my config and everything is working exactly as before minus the update notifications from the non-supported ones.

My questions are:

  1. I know (I think…) that when there is an update to the underlying repo’s then the state of the HACS sensor changes to indicate that there are updates pending. Now what?

Do I have to go to each of those repo’s and individually click “re-install” or will there be a “re-install all” button somewhere like in the old custom_updater?

  1. How does the HACS component itself get updated? Is there some update button for the component itself that I’m missing somewhere?

As you install new plug-ins, they will be added to your Hassio dashboard. Most of the plug-ins you install, have the option to auto-update. For those that are not set to auto-update, you will see the status change to Gold when there is an update available.
Below, you you see my Hassio dashboard listing my installed plug-ins. Portainer shows that there is an update available. You can open it and select update.

That’s not hacs, that’s the hassio dashboard. He’s talking about this:




It will count against the state of the sensor and will be displayed under the “SETTINGS” tab if there is an update.