Questions about Home Assistant

“Installation” is a stretch here, but I could not find a category that fit better.

I have a fully evolved HomeSeer system with z-wave and zigbee devices, motion sensors, HVAC integration, complex events and a good working integration with my Android devices. However, I run Linux and often struggle with running HS under mono and have been looking for a native solution.

So some questions: Is there native z-wave and zigbee support (i.e. can I stop running deCONZ)? I was hoping the latest version of HS would get native zigbee, but no.

Is there an import function for the exiting devices? I can export them in xml.

Is there an Android application that works outside of your home network?

Can you do your own scripting via bash or python etc?

Finally, are there drawbacks to installing your own? I typically get a server running to my liking then put on the various products I want. I have a few home Linux servers and one in the cloud.


Not from homeseer.

Yes, the android companion app.