Questions about the deCONZ Add-on and ZigBee devices

Hi all,

first of all I’d like to ask if it’s possible to remove devices that are not in use anymore or groups that were created through the Phoscon UI for testing purposes?

Furthermore there is a general question if it’s only possible to add those ZigBee devices which are kind of certified to work with the Conbee USB adapter?
I’m wondering because I tried to connect a Samotech door/window sensor which, unfortunately, was not successful. After following the instructions and resetting the sensor it blinks for some seconds and that’s it, there are no new devices found in the Phoscon gateway.

I thought if a device is ZigBee certified it should work with deCONZ without any issues, am I wrong?


In Phoscon you can click on the device and then there shpuld be a delete button somewhere.

Yes your are wrong, only devices supported by deCONZ will work. You could ask the developers of the stick if they can add the device or maybe already opened a request for this.

Thanks for answering my questions!

At first I thought to buy an Aqara sensor, but then I read something about different versions for China and the EU and bought this one. Unfortunately, you are right and it seem this one is not compatible with Home-Assistant.
Never mind, I’ll buy Aqara on Amazon in the hope that there will be no problems with different versions.

Yes, I already removed the unused device and the groups from the Phoscon UI (that was no problem at all), but they were still shown in Home Assistant’s devices list and there I didn’t found any possibility to completely remove them.
In the mean time I accidentally found the file core.device_registry in /config/.storage and removed finally all those things. Is there no easily way to do so from the UI?

I think you misread something, as far as I know ZigBee operates on the same frequency range whether you’re the US or in China. The only difference would be a smart power plug obviously.
I can highly recommend the Aqara Door/Window sensors, they work very well with DeCONZ, I have around 15 of them all working fine since around 1 year.

No, it’s not about the frequency or power plug. What I mean, since some month there is a new hardware version of Aqara hub available (EU-only, which uses EU server, instead of originally Chinese ones) and the Chinese sensors are not working with the EU version of the hub together.
Even though I don’t have an Aqara hub, I was not sure if every sensor can work with DeCONZ without any issues, because of the mentioned restrictions.

Ok didn’t know that there are different versions of the hub that don’t work with all sensors. I think you don’t need to care about that, because as you said, you don’t use the Aqara hub. As far as I know there are only two versions of the door/window sensor the square one and the round one and both of them should work with DeCONZ (can only confirm for the round one as I use these).
To be on the safe side, I’d just buy one of the sensors you would like to have and try to integrate it into DeCONZ, once this works you can order some more.

The squared one is working with deconz too. :+1: Got a couple of them.

Yes, that was the plan to buy one and try it out. Besides that, I hope Amazon itself won’t sell something totally wrong.

Thanks for the replies!