Questions for configuration & automation in HA


before to buy a dedicated system for HA, I made an installation of HA on my windows pc, using a vmware image. I lost a couple of days to understand and configure it and to install all the smart devices that I have at home.


  • All smart bulbs and smart plugs could be controlled by HA. They are working under tuya application. They are compatible with google home devices (that already I have installed at home). They are not zigbee or whatever else, they are connected directly to the router’s wifi;
  • I have connected partially successful the air-conditioners. They work under the application nethome plus and the brand is Kaisai. Partially because not all the functions works correctly using HA , an example is the command for horizontal and vertical air flow change, it stucks in such a position.
  • I cannot still connect smarthing devices. Following the official instructions in the HA website, after obtaining the token (PAT) for smarthing, and configured the DNS using duckdns and installing the addon in HA, the token could not be verified because there are some connections issue (it returns as error message). I tried outside the intranet to access HA using the new domain and I can access to the login page of HA only without SSL (only http and not https);
  • I installed the wyze cameras integration (using hacs). Unfortunately, it didn’t work when trying to do an automatization and using the cameras as a motion sensor in order to turn on a smart bulb;
  • I tried to make the integration of some swichbot’s meter, it didn’t work. After trying to add the switchbot’s integration, the system immediately gives the message that no configured device is found. I suppose to have problem with the Bluetooth device which is not a dongle, but it is internal to the pc. On the HA dashboard there is the following message: “Failed to start Bluetooth: [org.bluez.Error.InProgress] Operation already in progress”. I tried to restart the Bluetooth device both from windows setting and from terminal SSH commands, unfortunately it didn’t work;
  • I installed the meross integration (using hacs) and I connected the meross thermostat, they are shown on the dashboard, so I suppose it will work in such a way, but I didn’t make any tests.
  • The lg tv, google devices and the asus router, automatically were discovered by HA. I do not know how can I automatize them, but I need to read more for sure. Anyway, for the lg tv, I can create some scenes which permit me to start an application on the TV. Unfortunately, I didn’t find anything that could permit me to turn on the Tv if in standby. On the contrary I can put it on standby if turned on.
  • I have an nvidia shield tv, it would be nice if it could be also managed by HA sending commands via the intranet;

I would be more than glad if someone could give me some hints for the mentioned points even if partially.

I need also to buy some additional smart devices that I would like to integrate in HA and of course I will buy them if they will work in the way that I need them. So, I have some additional questions:

  • I would like to buy some motion sensors, to put them in different places in my house, so when they detect someone, to turn the smart light on and after the motion sensor become clear after 30 seconds to turn the smart light off (eg. On the corridors). I found on amazon a Sonoff SNZB-03 sendor which works with zigbee and another less known brand which is Si smart which is written to require the zigbee hub.
    • My first question is if I really need to buy additionally a zigbee hub in order to integrate these motion sensor to HA, or the HA will act as zigbee hub, so it will manage them directly?
    • The second questions is: regardless of whether or not they need the zigbee hub to be integrated to HA, the smart bulb I own are not zigbee, they were integrated with tuya. Could I set in HA these motion sensors to work with my smart bulbs in the manner described before?
    • If I need to buy a zigbee hub, what could you suggest?
  • I would like to buy a Philips hue dimmer switch and smart button. Here I have the same questions like the previous ones. Do I need the Philips hue hub?Will it work also with a zigbee hub? Or I do not need any hub? Can I use them in conjunction with my smart bulbs?

These are my all questions. Any help will be really appreciated.

Thank you.

Hello. I would like your help how to connect nethome plus to HA?

You can manage Zigbee devices directly using native ZHA (Zigbee Home Automation) integration if you buy compatible Zigbee Coordinator USB adapter, recommend CC2652P based. Suggest read these: