Questions regarding Mosquito configuration

I followed the install instructions here. In those instructions it states that after restarting Home Assistant I will see the new configuration-
logins: [] anonymous: false customize: active: false folder: mosquitto certfile: fullchain.pem keyfile: privkey.pem require_certificate: false

I checked configuration.yaml after restarting but I don’t see that. My current configuration.yaml.

Am I supposed to add these configuration settings manually? Where?

This is the config of the add-on, nothing will be added to configuration.yaml.
Check the config of the add-on, you ahouöd see it there.

I don’t see any file for mqtt. Where is the addon file located?

I just did this yesterday…in theMosquitto AddOn web page (Supervisor) up at the top a tab “Configuration”. There you will see the configuration (all default values shown)

There’s bo file you can edit directly, you edit it through the GUI. The config is then stored in the .storage folder, which you shouldn’t touch, unless you really know what you are doing.

Thanks. Would never have found that without your help.

Thanks. I usually leave the hidden files/folders alone.