Questions: Z-Wave to Z-Wave JS Addon + Z-wave JS Integration

I have several dozen Z-Wave devices on my Z-Wave network with MANY respective device entities, automations, templates, scripts, and Lovelace cards setup custom-tailored to these entities.

  1. Will all of the above still work after switching from the old Z-wave Integration to the new Z-wave JS Integration? It would be a nightmare (almost not worth it) if I have to redo these all over again.

  2. What do I do with the old Z-wave (depreciated) Integration after I install the new Z-wave JS Integration? It seems like it just comes back after I delete it.

  3. Is options.xml needed anymore (in my config directory). It looks like it had some old, zwave related info in it.

  4. Is the z-wave standard slowly going away? Not sure the reason why OZW was abandoned. I don’t know if I should continue buying z-wave devices or switch to Zigbee.

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I’d tried Z-wave JS today and can give you my experiences.

You can keep the old zwave integration but these are the steps.

  1. Stop the old zwave network
  2. Copy the network ID key in options.XML or configuration.yaml when you setup the zwave js integration. There you only need two parameters the device location and then the network key.
  3. It took about 5 to 10 minutes to query the network to find all the entries. I had to stop and restart one as it didn’t fine all my devices the first time but it was all fine the second time.

Zwave js is definitely faster and more responsive. The went to the old zwave and renamed the entries with a _1 and named the new zwave with my original entity name so all my Lovelace and automations work. I’m still going to keep the old zwave as it noticed that interface allowed me to change zwave device parameter settings on the odd occasion is do need to tune a parameter in this case I just stop zwave js and start up the old zwave.

  1. all of your devices will be there but they will have completely different names in HA. You will have to go thru each entity and manually rename it to match the old entity_id. There is talk of a migration tool but nothing is done and no idea when it will be.

  2. I’m not sure what you mean “it just comes back”. How are you deleting it?

  3. no but I wouldn’t get rid of it immediately just in case something unforseen comes up that you might need it. And it contains your zwave network key if you set one up manually so you might need at least that.

  4. No, zwave is fine. ozw wasn’t technically “abandoned”. it was just that the developer doesn’t have the time and/or motivation to continue development on it. The development on zwave js was much better so the decision was mode to transition to that path. You can still use ozw beta if you want.

Thanks. It looks like I’ll have to wait for a migration tool. I’m not going to manually rename 56 entities one by one when I already had everything working perfectly in the old integration. I had already invested way too much time getting the old integration working.

I’ll just revert to my old snapshot.

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I haven’t switched over yet, either.

But I am playing around in a test instance with it just to get a feel for it and know what to expect when I do decide to jump in.

Thanks finity. The problem is that the device/entity names that were automatically generated in the old Z-wave integration are completely different than the ones generated by the new integration. Each one of my Zwave multisensors has 4-6 respective entities. It’s really not feasible to expect people to just manually identify and rename every single entity. The larger the setup, the more impossible this tasks becomes.

Please let me know if you find the github issue related to the migration tool. I’d like to follow it’s progress.

agreed and I will…if I remember…I get busy here on the forums and my memory ain’t what it used to be. :older_man: :laughing:

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I too would be interested in a migration tool. I am currently running HA Core 2021.1.5 and was reading the release notes for 2021.2.3 about Z-Wave JS

I only have 2 Leviton Z-Wave plugs, a motion sensor and a Schlage Z-Wave Plus lock on my front door. Everything works perfectly and it freaked me out a little that if I upgrade and it messes up my front door lock. (That was a pretty mammoth task integrating with HA) I think for the time being I am not going to upgrade and make a snapshot of this config just in case.

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Hello all

I am extremely new to HA. I just installed on a I7 Laptop Debian 10 and HA supervised. All is working fine so far. I am currently using a vera plus device for my home automation. With the vera integration it work fine.
Now I installed and configure an Aoetec gen 7 Z stick. using the z-wave js plug in and this is configure (or at least i think)

so far
I paired an multi sensor and a smart plug to the z-stick.

In the zwave control panel i see the controller the sensor and the plug.

Granted I need to learn how to use automations scenes and scripts.

When trying to build a scene I cannot find the sensor or the plug as an entity or device

what steps have i not done?

Thank you in advance for your help