Quick Alexa Query


Im looking to take advantage of the black Friday deals and get myself an amazon echo and maybe a couple of dots.

I know Alexa can be integrated into the HA environment…Im new to Alexa and have no experience with the ecosystem. Im currently using a HA Bridge for Siri. If I buy more than one to place around my house do they all talk to each other…as in if I walk into my bedroom and want the lights on I can ask alexa, same again if I walk into my living room with another alexa device in that room too?

Will I have to register each alexa device in HA to make this work?

Just looking at the possibility’s before I buy these things.

If you use the emulated hue component, all the alexa devices on the same account in your home can communicate with your HA instance as if it were a HUE bridge. This gives you the ability to do simple turn-on turn-off commands.

The echo devices don’t speak to “each other”, but you can turn on any HA device using any echo devices. So for example, if you have “bedroom lights” in HA, you can tell any echo device on your account to turn on the bedroom lights.

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