Quick poll for Apple Watch users

  • I own an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity AND I often entirely rely on its cellular connectivity
  • I own an Apple Watch with cellular connectivity
  • I own an Apple Watch WITHOUT cellular connectivity

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May I ask what this poll is for?


He’s working on the Apple watch Complication. Can’t wait!! We used to have a way to do them with Workflow but when Apple bought the App they removed it.


Oh that sounds cool, don’t know what to expect though, but still I love the Apple Watch. I will patiently wait and see haha.


Not sure what I actually answered and can’t see a way to edit.

But wanted to vote on two watches with cellular connection and I’m hoping for soon be able to open my Nuki lock with it without carrying my phone :slight_smile:


My Apple Watch is 1st gen so no LTE but I use it everyday! I will eventually upgrade it. So the more options I have to interact with HA the better!

Thanks for all you do @robbiet480


So excited for this!!!


Currently, I own 3rd Gen Apple Watch without LTE (I’ll get LTE model when it becomes supported in my country) but I WOULD LOVE an Apple Watch App/Complication for a multitude of things, primarily presence detection.

Can’t wait!


Need Beta Testers, count me in.