Quick Question about sun offset

Hey all I hope you are all well, I have a quick question about an automation i am trying to run to adjust my living room lights as the sun sets.
I want to do the following:

1 hour before sunset turn on the light to 35% (Trigger ID Sun 1)
Sunset turn on the light to 45% (Trigger ID Sun 2)
at 8pm turn on the light to 1% (Trigger ID Time 1)

I ended up using the choose option and trigger id’s to run it but the sun offset does not work. Here is my code any help is appreciated.

I did not add the time component cause that is working fine.



It will be much easier to help and read if you post the yaml (as text) instead

Oh, strange it did not work yesterday, but it did work today. I guess it needed a day to soak lol. Thanks anyways.