Quickbar and search navigation to backups (WTH)

AFAICT, there is no quickbar navigation (keyboard shortcut) available to get to the backups page (or the other two hassio supervisor page tabs system and add-ons).

Related to this, the “search” function on the configuration page will not find anything for backups because there is no quickbar shortcut.

I understand that this due to the historical separation for the supervisor, but given that the configuration pages were unified a number of releases back, this seems like a WTH.

As @tom_l points out below, you can navigate to “Hassio” to get to the Add-ons, Backups, and Supervisor page.

c then navigate to hassio

Thanks, I guess I should have thought of that.

But at this point in 2022, that’s another UX/WTH (or what ever streamlining issues are called these days) given that the hassio name is somewhat deprecated.