Quigg Funksteckdosen (Aldi) ESPHome External Component

he Quigg rf outlets (433 MHz) have been sold in Germany by Aldi since 2014 for about 3€/piece. There may be other brand names I’m not aware of. These outlets use a rolling code also named as hopping code. That’s the reason why the native ESPHome remote transmitter component can’t be used. Now I migrated my old reengenered transmitter protocol (ESP Arduino code) to a ESPHome external component. To my opinion these rf-outlets are still save to use, I never had a false trigger. Maybe someone else can reactivate these Quigg rf outlets for ESPHome/HomeAssistant.

GitHub - DonKracho/ESPHome-External-Components This repository is in german language, because I know these outlets only sold by Adli. This compoent can handle up to 15 of these outlets and was my first experience with ESPHome external components.

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