Quirks - which one to use?

I had some real issues with figuring out the correct quirk for one of my devices


recently and it appears there are many quirks for this device and many of them don’t work.

So: What is the established process for determining which quirk is the latest and greatest one that everyone should use for a particular device this has been very painful.

I ended up using this one.

Couldn’t make your link work, I’m afraid.

Apologies - link updated / should work now.

I’m afraid it’s a matter of wading through interminable discussions on GitHub - bearing in mind that the same issue often gets raised several times. This thread, for example, seems to have been going on for about two years. :roll_eyes:

Part of the problem is that manufacturers sometimes tweak their devices without changing the model id.

It’s a real pain and we should invest in a system where we can at least rank quirks. I had some of those TRVs but needed some more, bought them but they were a different version of firmware. They didn’t work with my existing setup and I spent most of the weekend trying to figure out which quirks worked (and many people report there aren’t any that actually work).

I used many different quirks, and lost most of my ZHA devices in the process (restarts & dongle lockups) and the quirk I finally ended up with broke my automation as one of the devices on my network (strongly) objected to this new quirk being used.

I appreciate much of this makes no sense at all but some system to rank / review quirks would be a great idea I believe.

Yup. But the manufacture of Zigbee devices is such a wild west I’m not sure it would be practical.

Have you looked at Z2M? I believe you can run it alongside ZHA on a separate co-ordinator and it’s supposed to be much better at dealing with unorthodox devices.

I don’t think quirks were originally intended to fix bugs - more to allow manufacturers to add enhanced features.

There’s an article here about how quirks are written which may help.

Thanks - I’ll have a look at that article and Z2M. I was hoping not to need to use it as it adds a layer of complexity that I can do without but I don’t want to go through what I had to deal with over the weekend again :slight_smile:

Anyway, it’s all working now and thanks for your help and suggestions.