QwikSwitch - binary sensors stop working

I thought I’d post this here in case somebody else runs into this.

In order to use my imod with the USB Hub from a distance, I need to add it as a device in the QS Mobile web application. Once I did that, the QS binary sensor stopped responding when I open and closed channels. When I removed the imod from the QS Mobile web application and restarted HA, HA registered the channels as being open or closed and all worked 100%.

I added the device again, and the QS binary sensor stopped responding. I tested via the web interface (http://localhost:2020/&listen) and it responded when I open and closed channels.

I put the logs on debug and could not find anything out of the ordinary except that no dispatch events were logged when I open and closed channels.

I added a transmitter button to the QS Mobile web app and that worked 100% so for some reason when the imod was added, well, the sensor didn’t react.

@kellerza any ideas? I can provide logs if required.

At the moment I only dispatch these “sensor” messages for non-devices only – should probably dispatch them for the specific sensor ID’s if you need to add them to QSUSB.

To test you can change that line to if True:

Hi kellerza

Yep, worked like a charm. Can you please adjust to dispatch messages for sensors that are configured in the QSMobile app?

Also, I noticed this in the logs repeated. Any reason why?

2018-05-07 22:00:17 WARNING (MainThread) [pyqwikswitch.qwikswitch] val=‘4e0e1601’ used a -1 fallback in legacy_status

Hi, can look into a fix/update for binary sensors.

Regarding the WARNING, the device you added to QSUSB cannot be decoded into on/off. My suggestion would be that it is changed in pyqwikswitch to a DEBUG with this new usecase

I made some changes to the pyqwikswitch library to change the logging of this specific line to DEBUG and accommodate the decoding of PIR and temperature / humidity sensors. Once kellerza accepts my pull request, I’ll attempt to bring in the changes to the HA Qwikswitch component.

I found it a huge accomplishment to do the pyqwikswitch changtes, looking forward to trying my hand at the HA side.

Thanks @ipodmusicman, appreciate the help!

Sensor fix in https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/14454