Rachio 8ZULWC-L R3e

Anyone have the Rachio 8ZULWC-L R3e connected to homeassistant? the R3e version doesn’t do flex daily water schedules but I’m wondering if i can do it very homeassistant + nodered.

I don’t have that model but it should work with HA. What are you looking to do with it?

I see there’s an integration with Rachio. the R3 version has flex day functionality but the R3e does not. I’m wanting to read in weather information and control the sprinkler valves based on precipitation information instead of a basic time schedule.

Again I haven’t tried that model but every other model works with HA so I don’t see any reason that one wouldn’t.

You’ll be able to control zones and schedules once it’s setup. Here’s a picture of mine.