Rachio in Homekit as a sprinkler?

I’m surfacing my Rachio irrigation system to HomeKit via "Home Assistant > Homebridge > HomeKit”. The devices show as a sprinkler switch in Home Assistant, but as a standard switch in the Home.app. Is there a way I can get the Home.app to recognize my Rachio zones as a sprinkler?


I have the same question, anyone?

@chrisbrummel @livefeed did you guys ever figure this out?

No, no updates. :confused:

Thinking about getting Rachio 3 controller, but I don’t want to rely on their cloud service, Rachio does seem to support HomeKit which is local protocol, so I wonder if it integrates with HomeKit in HomeAssistant and through that it won’t rely on Cloud connection?

People in r/homekit say Rachio HomeKit integration is not very stable and controller becomes unavailable once every few days Reddit - Dive into anything

And there is a very long thread on Rachio forum about people having HomeKit connectivity issues Rachio 3 Not Responding in Homekit (Again) - Tech Support - Rachio Community


Ok, nvm, Rachio has announced in Sep 2022 that they will be dropping HomeKit support, what a bummer

I don’t want to be stuck with Cloud because I’m sure they’ll make it subscription based and sometimes internet goes out in my area. Sigh