Rachio Not showing state or log

I have a rachio irrigation controller but its not working as expected. I don’t think HA is receiving status from the cloud or something. I have a soil sensor I want to program to turn off the zone when it reaches a moisture level.

I set up an irrigation dashboard and but whenever I switch on a zone the dash shows the button switching on then it shows as off except it actually run for 10min (its a rachior setting I guess).

I have read that possibility this is an issue with webhooks IDK? I also run a pi-hole but I also tested without it and it made no difference.

Ideally Id like to keep the watering schedules setup on through the rachio app and just have the HA switch off the zone if the moisture level is high enough. But I’m not getting anything about the zones turning on or anything in the logbook and history???

anyone else have this problem???