Rachio Smart Hose Timer aka Valve Support

Commenting hoping to get this bumped, would love to see now that support for the hose timer has been added by Rachio.

How long do the reviews and approvals normally take?

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Look for it in the next version, 2024.4 :slight_smile:

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Looks like my two Rachio Smart Hose Timers have been added automatically to my Rachio Integration after an update to version 2024.4!!!
Been testing a little and seems to be opening and closing.

Thanks to the team that worked on it!


Mine did too! Seems when I turn it on, it will only turn on for the 10 minute default.

The switch uses the default time set in the Rachio config options. You can use the Rachio: Start watering service to pass a different time.

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Awesome this works:

  duration: 60
  entity_id: switch.pool_fill
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This works great, thank you!

I had to restart Home Assistant after adding the smart hose timer.

I had to restart as well, after which my valve showed up immediately. Thanks all!

Came here searching to see if this baby is supported in HA, read through the whole thread from discovery, feature request, and all the way to a solution! Too many times you research something, and the thread ends in despair. Great community story!