Rachio Smart Sprinkler Component

Rachio is one of the leading smart sprinkler system. They also have a very well documented API

Looks like it should be easy to integrate it with HomeAssistant. This will be a great addition to HA.

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Would love to see this integration as well but in the meantime, you can use Rachio’s IFTTT channel and HA IFTTT support for some pretty nifty automations.


I would also like to see this integration.

I was trying to think of use cases. Right now, I just stop the sprinklers if the wind is kicking up (as monitored by a weather service). Other than that, I’m not sure what else I would use it for…

Maybe trigger Sprinklers late at night if motion is detected in the yard (security type stuff)…

What types of use cases did you have in mind?

This integration would be great, as I am in the market for a smart sprinkler. You can also check in your county, but you may be able to get a rebate on the cost of the controller because it is EPA Watersense certified. My county offers 50% off up to $100.

There is. Python client already for this : https://github.com/rfverbruggen/rachiopy

So I think a lot of the work is done. Just need to find a develop with a rachio. :slight_smile:

Another use case is the ability to turn on the sprinkler system in the event your smoke detector is triggered to help prevent the spread of fire to just your property and potentially minimizing the impact of the fire depending on where the fire is on the property (perimeter vs. interior).

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I’d like to see this as well. Would be nice to understand which zones are being watered and what the watering schedule looks like without having to change apps. I’m going to put in a rachio when we finish construction, but it will be closer to end of year before that happens.

I’d also like to see this component. My use cases would be watering my garden, if it’s dry I could push a button and fire off the garden zone for N minutes, and push button to turn on the sprinklers for the kids to play in for N minutes.

I’m thinking of buying one of these so would also love to see support in HASS

I am also very interested in this integration.

Please add support

I picked one of these up today and already love it. Would absolutely love to be able to see it integrated within HASS. Their API documentation is top-notch, which is one of the reasons I decided to go with this manufactuer.

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The Wink Switch component says that it works with the Rachio sprinkler controller, and no Wink hub is required.

@goyney - Can you give this a shot and see if it does in-fact work?

I just checked, and it does work. Wink does not require a hub to create an account (which is what I did) but it pulls my controller over as a single Switch.

Also not sure that the switch does anything… I thought maybe it was the Standby mode switch… but doesn’t appear that way.

Yeah, the Wink integration is completely useless. The Rachio API allows you to get status of all the zones, their history, enables you to start specific zones or schedules, etc.

Some things I’d like to do with this integration:

  • Motion sensor in the yard after a specific time turns a zone on
  • Better Alexa integration (The Rachio skill makes you use zone numbers, I’d like it to be more natural e.g. “water the back lawn for 15 minutes,” not “water zone 3…”
  • If the system is on when I arrive home, turn off the zones adjacent to the driveway

For the most part, you can trigger most of those via IFTTT maker channel.

I want. Active intergration too but for the time being …

Rachio is pretty nice and I can say that compared to its competitors, Rachio is way ahead. For example, in the Skydrop vs Rachio sprinkler controller battle, Rachio easily takes the top spot with its integrations and cool features.

What happened to this one ? Did it ever get fixed ?