Radar trap plugin


do you know if there is any radar trap integration for home-assistant?
i was wondering that other projects like fhem or iobroker have this integration
and cannot find any for homeassistant. would be really great if ha can notify
me before i start driving … Maybe you have other scripts to extract this information
from json …

i found this api: https://cdn2.atudo.net/api/1.0/vl.php?type=0,1,2,3,4,5,6&box=
that should show some traps on the way if you fill with geo-coordinate rectangle informations.
info in that is here: Blitzer anzeigen and
some other stuff here: ioBroker.radar-trap/traps.js at e0249a9db7b025d2228dde560c9245132d21f3e3 · Steiger04/ioBroker.radar-trap · GitHub.

Hope you have some integration / script to help out …

best regards