Rademacher Integration fails with last updae

I updated my HA system and now I get this error:
Unable to install package pyrademacher==0.9.20: ERROR: Cannot install pyrademacher==0.9.20 because these package versions have conflicting dependencies. ERROR: ResolutionImpossible: for help visit Dependency Resolution - pip documentation v24.0.dev0

My current versions:

  • Core: 2023.12.2
  • Supervisor: 2023.11.6
  • Operating System: 11.2
  • Frontend: 20231208.2

How can I solve this issue? Does anyone has an idea?

Issue is solved with a new Core Version:

  • Core: 2023.12.3
  • Supervisor: 2023.11.6
  • Operating System: 11.2
  • Frontend:20231208.2