Radial size

Is the radial widget only 1x1 “compatible” ?

By the way, is it possible to leave out the leading zero in the sensor value?

I have configured it to be 3x3, but this is the result:

Using HA 0.69.1 and AppDaemon 1.1.0

Thanks in advance for any help :slight_smile:

Give this setting a try:
Preformatted text` widget_type: temperature
entity: sensor.garage_mqtt_temperature
minValue: 65
maxValue: 95
width: 153
height: 188
majorTicks: [55,60,75,95]
highlights: [{‘from’: 55, ‘to’: 58, ‘color’: ‘rgba(0,0, 255, .3)’},{‘from’: 64, ‘to’: 68, ‘color’: ‘rgba(255, 0, 0, .3)’}]


all other settings that would work can be found here:

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thanks for the help, @mistrovly and @ReneTode !

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