Radiator thermostat for temperature automation

Hi all,
I am pretty new in HA and could need some help/advice…

What I want to do:
I want to automate the heating of the radiators in our house using smart thermostats.
The scenario would look like that:
Every room will have a smart thermostat and a motion sensor (and a temp sensor, if the thermostat doesn’t come with that).
The radiators shall be at 15 degrees at night and at 18 degrees on days.
But whenever the motion sensor detects a motion, the radiators shall heat at 21 degrees for 5 minutes.

My problem is less the configuration part but finding the best radiators for my project.
It doesn’t matter for me if the thermostats use ZigBee or WLAN or if an additional Gateway is needed or not, as long as it helps me reaching my target.
Using ZigBee I would prefer using ZHA instead of ZigBee2mqtt, beacause all my ZigBee Devices are already configured via ZHA using a Conbee II and I really would like to avoid switching everything.

For testing purposes I bought a MOES Tuya a was able to integrate and configure it as desired (like described above). But it is useless, because it hat two big Issues.

  1. It has an internal Schedule, which always overrides my automation after a few seconds.
  2. It doesn’t update the value for the ambient temperature. So in my case it was stuck at 22 Degrees and therefore never heated, even though the room was cold.

So it would be great if the thermostats do not have an internal Schedule and also not the annoying temperature Bug.

So to summarize this:
Can you please tell me which radiator thermostats would be best for my purpose?

Thanks in advance.

Beca/Moes/Qiumi thermostat with ESP8266 can be flashed with alternative firmware if you are up for it.

Fashberg or Klausahrenberg are two examples. Check and see if your model is compatible. You could then turn off the schedule on the device and setup a schedule card on HA. This is what I have done and I can adjust temp manually or by automation and schedule doesn’t reassert itself until next schedule point.