Radiator TRV with valve Position

Hi there,

I want to ask if someone knows an cheap TRV.

Things I want to have:

  • No Tuya Device
  • Wifi or Bluetooth (nice to have)
  • Chargable Batteries (nice to have)
  • HA valve Position
  • again no Tuya Device

Only Device I found is Shelly TRV but with my own valve automation my Temperature Control works better than with customers. But than I don‘t need such an expensive Device.

Maybe someone has an goog Idea for such an Device.

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why not Tuya?

Sorry for the delay but I only had problems with Tuya devices in the past. And I don‘t want to use there cloud or hacs Integration. Iot devices shouldn‘t communicate with outside world.

And as I know you only can control them by temperature not valve position. And all devices I tested in the past there pid control is not very comfortable

I had tried Tuya for one day and had send it back, only problems with that! I know why I don’t like this tuya garbage