Radiator valve

hello, I’m planning to install some smart radiator valves at home. Unfortunately I’m limited in terms of dimensions (max length 8 cm).
I found this valve that looks fine for me.
Do you know if it works fine and if it is compatible with home assistant?
I have a sonoff ZBdongle-e.

It’s Tuya Zigbee at the least so should allow local setup and control, the ones that require the smartlife and/or tuya app that don’t work without the cloud connection are the WiFi versions when looking up Tuya based devices.

If 8 cm is max and this is 74 mm then that will be tight.
If you need an adapter then it won’t work.
Actually not even sure if it will work anyways since the ring at the bottom will have to go around the mounting on the radiator and it will extend slightly.

I would suggest you buy one to start with.
Make sure you carefully test it also. I had Tuya TRVs before and they had a schedule that I could not disable and the manual was less than ideal.