Radio Browser - how to use?

I just read about the newly integrated Radio Browser.

I succesfully added this integration to my homeassistant but I am wondering how to use it.

I did find how to install the integration, but nothing about how to use that service or how to integrate it in automations.

Can anybody help me here?


The instructions surely help? Radio Browser - Home Assistant

No, it did not. That I already found. And with that I was able to install the integration.

But I did not find anything about how to use it, e.g. how to configure a play_media-service.


Struggled a bit with it too.

Found that radio station are available in the media sections on the sidebar


Yes, that’s true.

But how to use this in automations to start radio-stations triggered by an event?

I don’t have a media section in my sidebar. I searched how to add it, which was to add media_source: to the configuration file but that hasn’t done anything. So I’m as stuck as the OP was.

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This is a test I just put together:

alias: Play Radio when motion detected
description: ''
  - platform: state
    entity_id: binary_sensor.basement_stairs_motion
    from: 'off'
    to: 'on'
condition: []
  - service: media_player.play_media
      entity_id: media_player.livingroom_sonos
      media_content_id: media-source://radio_browser/4ed4b346-e81b-4570-adbe-8e62ae7a171a
      media_content_type: audio/mpeg
      title: Kaji FM
      thumbnail: ''
      media_class: music
      children_media_class: null
        - {}
        - media_content_type: app
          media_content_id: media-source://radio_browser
        - media_content_type: music
          media_content_id: media-source://radio_browser/country/AO
mode: single

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Where did you find all the media_content information in the data section?

Yes, that is the question, @terryhonn : Where do you get the content_id from?

I went through the Automations UI and created a new automation, selected the trigger, chose Play Media for the Action, chose my media player from the list, clicked on the big Pick Media + button, chose a random radio station from the media browser radio station list. Once I confirmed the station played as I wanted, I clicked on the hamburger menu at the upper right of the Automation editor and selected Edit in YAML, copied the yaml there and that’s what I pasted in my earlier response.

Let me know if you need screenshots.


Ah, now I got it!

My mistake was to use the run-service-function, where I need to now the content-ID.

But instead I have to use the play-media-action.

Thanks a lot!

Hi, sorry but how did you find the link?

media_content_id: media-source://radio_browser/4ed4b346-e81b-4570-adbe-8e62ae7a171a

In dev tools/states while playing the station.

I find it easier to do through the website - go find your radio there, and click on it, in the url you will get the content id , for example:

Yes, thanks, but at the moment it doesn’t work with browser-mod :unamused:

Thanks, this worked for me. I needed to use the stationuuid

I Found a solution, in a button!

Play radio via Home Assistant -

Play radio via Home Assistant -

This may help :slight_smile:
Easy way to find content id is via an Automation
And play it with a button

been trying for 3 days to get this to work. i keep getting Media player does not support browsing media when i try to create an automation to play a radio station with radio browser

Crystal ball broken.

To get help you need to post your automation and your logs.