Radio button as alternative to generic toggle switch "MQTT"

This is my first post in this forum.
I there a way to use a radio button as alternative to generic toggle switch “MQTT” ?
I know that I can use customize to change the indicator but this doesn’t change the toggle switch style.
Radio button= single round or other shape button that change color and/or shape when toggled.
Radio button can also be useful as momentary switch/trigger.
Any help are appreciated :smiley:

Best regards/Stefan

There are two styles to the switches with MQTT. One is the toggle switch. The other is the Lightning ON/OFF. It’s not a radio button but operates as one. I also HATE that it is still BLUE when it is off. This is a link to my feature request to get rid of the blue. Please vote for this feature request.

Anyway, in this feature request I share that you have to use the “retain: true” to remove the toggles.

If I have solved your issue, please let me know, if not I’ll keep trying. Welcome to the forums.