Radio Thermostat CT100 via ZWave2Mqtt not recognized by Home Assistant in correct domain

Thanks in advance for any help.

I have Home Assistant, an MQTT broker and ZWave JS running in different containers. All of the devices are paired correctly in ZWave JS and all but my CT100 thermostat comes through in HA correctly via MQTT discovery. It’s similar to this issue: Z-Wave JS 0.1.14 Makes CT100 Thermostat Climate Entity Unavailable but instead, it’s available and comes in the sensor domain, not climate, with no way to control the thermostat. Obviously when I try and add it in Lovelace it doesn’t show up in a thermostat card.

I’ve tried removing and adding back the thermostat from both HA and ZWave JS.

I’ve attached a screenshot of the entity for the temperature control.

Any resolution to this? I’m having the exact same problem

I also have the same problem. Anybody got any solutions? Hints?

I’ve almost got it working.