RadioThermostat CT50 state not changing

I just got a new RadioThermostat CT50. Got it connected to HVAC unit, wifi and home assistant. conifg entry:
- platform: radiotherm
hold_temp: True

Everything is working fine, I can see the temperature, change the setpoint all that jazz. There is one thing that is not working and that’s the climate.thermostat.state is always displaying as the currently selected thermostat ‘mode’ (cool, heat, auto) instead of switching between idle, cool, or heat depending on the result from the ‘tstate’ value (0 = off, 1=heat, 2= cool) returned from the api (/tstat) endpoint.

I’d really like to know if the HVAC system is currently running or not as I have a number of automations to inform me about hourly/daily usage of the system.

I’ve kind of worked around this issue, by setting up a rest sensor that queries the thermostat for the tstate value and turns on a binary sensor indicating that the HVAC system is running. However I’d really like to use the radiotherm component to know if the unit is running or not.

Due to this issue the ‘thermostat cooling’ coloring in the history graph is showing as always on, since the thermostat state never changes from ‘cool’

The thermostat this replaced (super cheap honeywell wifi) correctly switched between idle, cool, and heat. But their could services have been having so many issues recently I got a thermostat that I could 100% control locally and not have to rely on an outside source that was prone to failure, and rate limiting.

If anyone knows of an update to the radiotherm component or could point me in the right direction to modify the component somehow (without me going down the rabbit hole of learning python and how to write a component) it would be appreciated.