Radiothermostat not showing up in chromium, but ok in chrome and firefox (Ubuntu)

I’ve got a radiothermostat CT80, and it’s been working okayish in until the latest update I did to version 0.88.2. Now the component no longer shows up in Chromium browser for Ubuntu. I just thought the component broke in the latest HA version, but then it appeared when using the web interface on my Ubuntu touch phone. So I hunted a little more, and tried Firefox and Chome for Ubuntu, and there’s the radiotherm component, complete with a new (nice) dial-like motif.

My configuration checks with no errors.

One more thing: I can see the 7 little weatherunderground sensors I’d been using till the API shutdown in chromium, too. Kind of like little circular blue tombstones with the epitaph “NOT FOUND” memorializing that lost service. These dead sensors are hidden as I’d expect in Chrome and Firefox.

I also just checked the log, and didn’t see anything radiotherm related. (Just a bunch of sackcloth and ashes for wunderground, RIP.)

Any ideas?

Also should mention that chromium works as expected for other websites, so I don’t suspect misconfiguration.

If you don’t mind me asking, what do you mean by “CT80 working okayish in”? I am asking because I am think of getting the same thermostat, but have been hesitant due to reports of instability.

Up until recently, my particular version of the radiothermostat CT80 hadn’t worked with HA at all due to a version check that reported an unknown revision in my unit. The version check was fixed in an upstream radiotherm library, but that change hadn’t made it into HA for a loooooooooong time. Once this finally happened, the thermostat component showed up in the web interface and could be controlled.

However, over the next several HA releases there were a few regressions where the component, e.g. might not be able to successfully change the temperature (that’s where I am right now).

So your caution is warranted. If you find a unit to purchase, you might want to verify its firmware revision and ask here if other users are using it successfully.

I think the problem went away on its own. Usually the HA web interface would refresh itself on a server restart with “Connection Lost. Restarting . . .” message, but for whatever reason, stale stuff was getting stuck. An F5 refresh was required this time. Previously, F5 had always taken me back to the login page.

Oh well, works for now so I’ll call it weird but good.