Rain Machine in HA doesn't show each zone right period of work

Hi everybody,
I have a RainMachine 8 zones successfully working and successfully configured in HA.
When the daily irrigation program starts on the Rain Machine, I see as “on” all Rain Machine switches in Home Assistant, even if only one is really working.
After the program end, I see on each switch history the same working time (for instance from 7 am till 9:36 am) which is the time of the program work.
Is it my problem?
Configuration is simply:

password: xxxxxxx

I’ve solved with template and so recreating different switches but i think this is an issue that must be corrected

Have you submitted an official issue?

No i didn t.
Do you have the same problem?

No, but I am the developer of this component; if there is any issue, I’d love to fix it.


@steno can you share your template with me?

@bachya does the api also return total last watering time and next planned watering time?

Unfortunately, no: Rainmachine Irrigation Controller

Ouch. Weird API for a watering device… Thanks for looking into this.

are you still searching for help about this?

Well, I still see all switches on of the different zones at the same time while they actually run after each other. eg just switched on for extra cycle as it seems to be very hot at home (on holidays now) and all zones seem on at same time.

ok let me check the template i ve done when i m back home

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I figured out how to remedy this: