Rain meters (rflink, 433mhz) configuration

What would be the best way to setup a rain meter in home assistant?


I connected my WH0530 rain meter (433mhz, tipping bucket style) using RFLink. There is a total rain sensor in HA after connecting:

2019-05-10 20:56:15 DEBUG (MainThread) [rflink.protocol] got event: {'id': 'alectov5_00ef_raintot', 'sensor': 'total_rain', 'value': 21.3, 'unit': 'mm'}

The original indoor device can show rainfall data: 1hour, 24hour, week, month. Is there any component which would be good to show these data and reset periodically?

Two more question, I don’t know if it would be even possible:

1, rain rate. In Rflink component (https://www.home-assistant.io/components/sensor.rflink/) is a rain rate sensor. What type of device are these? It is not possible to calculate rain rate from total rain? Since we can measure rain quantity for the last hour, we can get rain rate?

2, rain sensor: create a binary_sensor or just send a message when it’s start raining. Something like: if [total_rain] has changed and it’s showing growing tendency (20.3mm, 21.6mm…) and vica versa we can assume that it is raining.

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I’ve just received the same device, facing the same questions.
I think the simplest solution is to create 4 input.floats: rain_last_month, rain_last_week, rain_last_day, rain_last_hour, and update those from timed scripts every month/week/day/hour to the current value of the rain_total sensor. Then it is easy to create 4 template sensors also (triggered by the change of rain_total) by simply subtracting these from the value of rain_total.

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There is some solution here, but I can’t get it to work:

If you opt to use retained MQTT messages to store values, bear in mind that only one message can be retained in every topic! So it wont work to store hourly, daily, weekly and monthly cumulative values in the same topic, you have to use different topics for these 4 “variables”.

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I seem to have exactly the same rain sensor and bought it from Kjell.com
I dont think its available anymore but it is this device called 02042

The reciever is broken and I tried to see the rain guage in my RfxTrx433 manager, would that be possible?