Rainbird Zone Switches 5-8 Dont Correspond


So I have setup and successfully use the Rainbird module for HA with a Rainbird ESP-RZXe + Wifi controller.

I am able to toggle/switch all the zones on and off no problem. However to turn on Zone 5 I have to toggle Zone 6. The same for Zones 6/7, 7/8 etc …

This is not an issue for Zones 1-4 though. The config if very simple and I cannot see that the config is wrong. It can only be a bug in the module code.

Please could I get some help on how to fix/resolve this issue.

My config below:


#Rainbird Irrigation
  host: 192.168.xx.xx
  password: xxxxxxx


#Irrigation Rainbird
  - platform: rainbird
          friendly_name: "Irrigation Zone 1"
          zone: 1
          trigger_time: 10
          scan_interval: 10
          friendly_name: "Irrigation Zone 2"
          zone: 2
          trigger_time: 10
          scan_interval: 10
          friendly_name: "Irrigation Zone 3"
          zone: 3
          trigger_time: 10
          scan_interval: 10
          friendly_name: "Irrigation Zone 4"
          zone: 4
          trigger_time: 10
          scan_interval: 10
          friendly_name: "Irrigation Zone 5"
          zone: 5
          trigger_time: 10
          scan_interval: 10
          friendly_name: "Irrigation Zone 6"
          zone: 6
          trigger_time: 10
          scan_interval: 10
          friendly_name: "Irrigation Zone 7"
          zone: 7
          trigger_time: 10
          scan_interval: 10
          friendly_name: "Irrigation Zone 8"
          zone: 8
          trigger_time: 10
          scan_interval: 10

I’m also experiencing the same issue. Sprinklers 1-4 turn on/off perfectly but zones 5-8 don’t. When I turn ON zone 6, it switches off immediately then a short while later zone 5 turns ON but doesn’t actually send a message to the controller to turn the zone on - it just doesn’t do anything.

It was reported by CarsonF on the pyrainbird github page:

and tfoote posted a possible fix to the problem:

I just have no idea how to implement the fix into the rainbird component… any help would be much much appreciated :slight_smile:

Hi there,

this problem is fixed in pyrainbird 0.2.0 and integration into Home Assistant is in progress: https://github.com/home-assistant/home-assistant/pull/26064