Rainforest Eagle integration - sensor going down

I have been using the Eagle3 for a while now, on WiFi. It had been working fine, and was correctly reporting instant demand (wattage), as well as meter energy to and from the grid.
On the 29th of April, the sensor started going offline periodically. This results in a broken curve, with many white dots cutting it off.
Nearly half the time when I look at the sensor manually, it is offline. I run smokeping and noticed there was a lot of packet loss, between 2 and 25%. So, I moved the device to Ethernet, but connected to a WiFi bridge.
That reduced the packed loss to about 0.3%, which is normal since it’s connected to a meshed AP.
Unfortunately, the sensor is still going offline, resulting in a broken curve. I never saw this before.

Has anything changed recently with regards to this integration ?